Ahh…the “sound check”.

I’ve spoke with many bass players over the years and one reoccurring theme that comes up is how they/ we get screwed in the mix by being muddy or lost.

This will be the first of two posts I do kinda addressing this.
I made a YouTube video, but I’ll do a recap of it here in writing…….

bass sound check

Essentially it goes like this….
No one wants to hear you latest chops during sound check. Unless you as the bass player are the featured player, or it’s your band, how well you can slap, tap and burn up the fingerboard doesn’t matter when the sound guy asks “ok, let’s have some bass “.
At that point what he need is to get you working in the mix.

Wailing all over the place doesn’t help your cause, or his. And it most def does NOT make your band sound any better.
It’s about the control of energy and frequencies.
Open string whole notes generally make the sound guy very happy, because honestly, the lowest notes is what really blurs up your sound and it’s the hardest to control. Try open Notes starting with your lowest strings and moving up.

Now, like a lot of things, there are exceptions to this. Like if you have effects or switch basses (a different topic) or you get to the point where he asks for something more form you.

Watch the video and try it out at the gig next time.


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