The un-obvious hard bass line……

I’m gonna do this maybe every week (??) or so. I’m going to post up the last tune you would think of that really has some tough lines in it.
And not obvious stuff either. We all know a lot of Motown has some killer lines. But what about other stuff???
Here is one I would challenge my students with:

Yes, the iconic Barry Manilow hit “Copacabana”
You can imagine the looks I would get. Then they would come back next week and were like “Holy crap that’s tough!!!”

So, I challenge you to nail this killer line played by one of the best, Will Lee.

“Her name was Lola……”


The basics…….right hand technique……

Beginner level…VERY basic…

There are a TON of videos on YouTube showing all kinds of advanced techniques. But really, not very many, if you can find any, showing beginner stuff.

Wanna slap? A bah-zillion showing you how.

So this will be a first in series covering things from literally the first handful of lesson a beginner would take.

Ahh…the “sound check”.

I’ve spoke with many bass players over the years and one reoccurring theme that comes up is how they/ we get screwed in the mix by being muddy or lost.

This will be the first of two posts I do kinda addressing this.
I made a YouTube video, but I’ll do a recap of it here in writing…….

bass sound check

Essentially it goes like this….
No one wants to hear you latest chops during sound check. Unless you as the bass player are the featured player, or it’s your band, how well you can slap, tap and burn up the fingerboard doesn’t matter when the sound guy asks “ok, let’s have some bass “.
At that point what he need is to get you working in the mix.

Wailing all over the place doesn’t help your cause, or his. And it most def does NOT make your band sound any better.
It’s about the control of energy and frequencies.
Open string whole notes generally make the sound guy very happy, because honestly, the lowest notes is what really blurs up your sound and it’s the hardest to control. Try open Notes starting with your lowest strings and moving up.

Now, like a lot of things, there are exceptions to this. Like if you have effects or switch basses (a different topic) or you get to the point where he asks for something more form you.

Watch the video and try it out at the gig next time.

Why HELLO!!!!!!!


Guess I’m gonna jump on in to this starting with a blog thingy……’ll bepretty much most rants and stuff about bass playing, music and some other fun stuff tossed in here and there. My love of motorcycles and riding I’m sure will pop up from time to time.

I can ruffle feathers here and there, and I’ll get this out in advance of everything, I’ll be brash, I’ll be harsh, and I’ll be honest, but I will try like mad to never make it personal with my rants toward people. Unless you’re famous and a complete idiot!!!! (Miley Cyrus by example……enough has been said where I don’t need to say anymore….)

I have a YouTube channel, MikeFredBass, and I’m going to try on a weekly basis to post up some lessons here and there. But I’m gonna try and do them with a twist so they are not like the other thousands floating out there. I’m also gonna run some of the Detroit Bass Players YouTube videos and link/post them here.  Check out Detroit Bass Players on FaceBook!

Also on there, and a few already are, will be some gear reviews/demos. And since we have a HUGE resource of players here in Detroit, I’m gonna also start doing ones of “players rigs & gear”. Not famous guys, but working players out slugging away around town.

Other things will be one on one interviews with feature players, and a lesson from them to go along with it. These will be from the very deep resource of amazing players pulled from the Detroit area and other friends and guests as I can nail them down.

I’m working up plans for one on one lessons again, and yes that will include Skype. So stay tuned for updates for that

You’ll see me rant about gear, and gigs blah blah blah…, sit back, grab some popcorn and a Coke (because Pepsi sucks) and enjoy!!!